Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Steven King...

If you talk about horror storeys, either novels, or films, with some of your friends, then there is a good chance one of you will mention a novel or film made by Steven King.
But what is it that makes him such a successful writer? Well, he certainly got a story to tell, that's for sure. He tells it with such a vivid and vibrant language that the reader, or viewer, gets drawn by the story, and wants to read on.
A good example of this, is the short story by Steven King, called "The Boogeyman". Don't be fooled, this is not the same story as the horrible film called Boogeyman from 2005. There has been made a film, based on the book, called The Boogeyman from 1982, but I would recommend the book or the audio book instead. This short story takes place in a psychologists office where a man describes the killing of his three children, by none other than the boogeyman.
It's a creepy story with a surprising end...
You can find it in the book, Stephen King: Five Short Stories.
The writing is not moving along at the moment. I have my last exam of this semester tomorrow, so I hope to start writing again when that's over and done with :-)

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